Things That Go Bump in the Night

Do you believe in ghosts? Or the supernatural? Aliens, zombies, and lost souls. These are all things that go bump in the night. But what else goes bump in the night? The wind? A squeaky door, or maybe a broken air conditioner? Many of these issues can be fixed with some simple home maintenance repairs—or a quick call to your local AC replacement company. If you’re unsure what’s causing these creepy sounds in the middle of the night, consider some of the following.

If you notice any excessively cold areas in your house, you may have a ghost on the loose. Cool drafts or cold spots could be the result of a restless apparition—but they’re more likely caused by air leaks or inadequate insulation. Ridding your house of these cold drafts will keep you comfortable in the winter—and could significantly lower your heating bills. Now, if you continue to notice these cold spots following renovations to your HVAC system or insulation—you might need supernatural help…

Things That Go Bump in the Night

Another sign of things that go bump in the night can be signaled by animals and children. Animals and small children are closer the spirit world than adults. For example, if you see your cat staring at nothing or your dog barking at the corner, it is easy to wonder if perhaps you are dealing with a ghost. If you suspect one, watch your animals. They will tell you.

Strange noises can always be a potential sign of paranormal activity, including whispers. Many who have had ghosts report strange music or muffled whispers coming from unoccupied areas of their homes. There’s also been cases of appliances or lights coming off and on. Before jumping to conclusions, think about the following: if a storm is passing through, this could be due to a whole-house power surge. It could also be related to a defective switch or loose circuit connection. It’s definitely a ghost if it’s accompanied by switches moving up and down on their own and wailing and moaning noises. In any other scenario, you should probably just call an electrician.

Maybe you have doors opening and closing on their own? Or windows slamming? Sure, it could just be the wind, or it could be something more. Did you know that drier air actually causes wood to shrink? This can cause doors, drawers, and cabinets open on their own.

Of course, smell is another sign of paranormal activity. A whiff of perfume? Or a musty odor? Wet fiberglass hidden behind walls can actually give off that musty odor. On the other hand, dead rodents can produce quick a smell on their own. Don’t complain too much if the smell is pleasant, but if that nasty odor won’t go away, you should seek professionals to investigate.

In the end, it can sometimes be difficult to tell if those things that go bump in the night are actually haunts, or just your home’s old quirks. Before you freak out, call professionals—either the ghostbusters, or an HVAC contractor.

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Is there real evidence of ghosts?

The existence of ghosts has been one of humanity’s top mysteries from the dawn of ages. Some are sure of them beyond any doubt, while others waive their hands and dismiss any ghost story or sighting as either a hoax or a visual trick.

It seems that nearly everyone has one or more ghost stories to tell – from all the people you know, it’s pretty much guaranteed that a couple would swear they’ve had a ghost encounter. These can range from spooky bumps in the night to hearing voices without a body or even seeing an apparition. But how much weight can these claims have?

Real evidence of ghosts and the science behind them

Before examining whether ghosts exist, let’s go over the generally-agreed-upon explanation for them: a person(or even an animal) dies, but is unable to move on, and their spirit is instead trapped in the physical world. The reasons why a person wouldn’t go into the afterlife vary, but they mostly revolve around unfinished business or simply refusing to go.

Science probably won’t confirm the existence of ghosts any time soon, but it can’t fully refute it either – we don’t know what consciousness is and where it goes once we die. If there is such a thing as a soul, and most people believe there is, it might seem odd for it to just vanish after death – yes, even more odd than a creepy, hollow image of a person floating around.

With this in mind, the fact that we know so little about human consciousness actually acts as a form of evidence in the favor of ghosts. Then, there are the mountains of so-called physical evidence – while none of it is irrefutable, some is guaranteed to send chills down your spine.

Is there real evidence that ghosts exist?

Finding evidence of ghosts can be a lucrative business – just ask all the ‘mediums’ and the guys on shows like Ghost Hunters. Still, there are a lot of things out there that don’t add up, especially those that happen during the night.

A good example of what could be called evidence is that some of the most frequent ghost sightings happen in ‘haunted’ places, even if the people involved weren’t aware of the place’s history. Abandoned asylums and notorious prisons, burial grounds, murder sites… You’ve probably heard that nothing brings the price of a home down as swiftly as a gruesome murder that happened within its walls. People often feel as if there’s something in the air at sites like these, and very few decide to brave the unknown and stick around to see if chairs will move on their own.

We all watched videos of ghost sightings – some seem poorly done, while others appear almost impossible to fake. If you have a burning desire to uncover the truth, perhaps you could give it a shot yourself: set up camp in a place near you that’s surrounded by ghost stories, and bring along your trusty camera and/or tape recorder. Don’t say you weren’t warned, though…

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Yoga and chiropractic

yoga and chiropractic

The benefits of yoga and chiropractic can seem similar, despite them being two separate entities: one is a thousand-year-old system of exercise while the other is a branch of natural medicine. The aim of both is pretty much the same, though – making the ill healthy and making the healthy even more so.

Yoga and chiropractic go remarkably well together, and everyone who dabbles in one should give the other a try. When combined, these two ways of treating your body well will boost your health more than any expensive treatment or fancy pill can.

Why you should try yoga and chiropractic together

When observing yoga practitioners, it can seem as if all they do is stretch. Yoga is a complex mind-and-body experience, but the eyes don’t lie – there is a lot of stretching involved, and flexibility is very important.

While yoga itself will do a lot for your flexibility and health, you will progress in leaps and bounds if you throw some chiropractic in there. A good chiropractor will unstifle your body and better prepare it for the contortionist-esque techniques that yoga is sometimes known for. A first-time yoga practitioner will be able to do a lot more exercises if he or she received multiple chiropractic treatments not too long ago.

Similarly, yoga will relax your muscles and nerves and will make your chiropractor’s job a lot easier. Chiropractic is safe and generally pain-free, although heavier realignment can sometimes cause a momentary discomfort – this will become less of an issue if you practice yoga.

Turning to yoga and chiropractic to fight illness and promote health

Most people start thinking about health-beneficial practices like chiropractic and yoga once they start experiencing symptoms of the modern lifestyle: pain, aches, discomfort, reduced mobility and muscle strength, difficulty concentrating and so on. In reality, healthy individuals should make use of these two ways to boost your health just the same.

Yoga isn’t just meant to give you more strength and make you more mobile – it reduces the chances of you having bone fractures, muscle spasms, pinched nerves and the like. Even more amazingly, it helps prevent a lot of ailments stemming from the 21st century lifestyle, like high blood sugar, heart disease and sleeping difficulties. The same goes for chiropractic, in that you aren’t meant to seek a chiropractor only after your neck gets stuck in a single position or you no longer have a full range of mobility in your joints.

If you’re blessed with good health, that’s great – now it’s your duty to maintain it. Your visits to the chiropractor probably won’t be as frequent as your yoga sessions – after all, some people practice yoga several times a day – but they will do just as much. When healthy, you should use yoga to keep the balance in your body. Once life outside of yoga begins wearing you down, turn to chiropractic, but don’t forget to have scheduled checkups as well. With these tools at your side, chronic health issues will become a distant memory and you’ll finally feel everything is working the way it should.

Thanks to my friend Dan at Pura Vida Chiropractic for information on yoga and chiropractic.

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What are Angels? Are they real?

what are angels

To most, the existence of angels would be a good thing. Angels are meant to protect us from evil, guide us into Heaven and generally act as the Lord’s second-in-command. Perhaps we’ll never know whether they are truly real or not until we reach the afterlife, even if some people claim they’ve seen or interacted with one. One thing is for sure, though – they humble any believer and motivate him or her to do good things.

What are angels really and their place in history

The belief in angels is heavily tied with religious beliefs, Christian ones in particular. As the Bible goes, angels are God’s ‘lieutenants’ of sorts – his most beautiful and benevolent creations, meant to watch over and protect all of humanity.

Even people who aren’t the religious type believe in some sort of hell. Well, most Christians agree that the devil himself is actually a fallen angel, cast down by God because of his un-angelic behavior. So, if you believe in the literal interpretation of Hell or even any other, you are probably a believer in angels by extension.

Could these beings truly exist?

There’s a way of interpreting angels other than in the strict Biblical sense: as supernatural guardian entities that protect us. Many people, even those far-removed from faith, often report feeling as if they have their personal guardian angel, or at the very least, that one is protecting them against harm.

If you’re familiar with the lore of the Wild West, you’ve probably heard of Wyatt Earp – a larger-than-life persona that became such even more after death, Earp achieved notoriety for his gunslinging, law-bringing ways. His exploits read like something straight out of a Western flick, and a particularly active one at that – he was involved in multiple shootouts, always getting the better of his adversaries. One such event was the well-known Gunfight at the O.K. Corral, where Earp stood triumphant.

Earp died quietly as an old man, having narrowly escaped violent death and even injury on many occasions while simultaneously dishing those things out. Well, Earp remarked he felt that there was a presence telling him what to do when things got heated, including times when he would narrowly dodge a bullet. Earp wasn’t a particularly religious man – the gunfighter’s life isn’t exactly a Christian one – but he seems to credit his safety to his very own guardian angel, even if he doesn’t realize it.

Have you ever been in an accident, or a tense situation where things seemed bleak and there was no happy ending in sight, yet you made it out safe and sound? Who knows – that could have been the work of an angel guarding you. Whether or not you believe in the Heavenly Host or any other type of guardian angel, there’s no denying that people can get out of some sticky situations without even losing a hair on their head. It doesn’t take much to start believing in angels if you’ve had one such experience, and if not, you never know – you could get the help of a feather-winged guardian when you least expect it.

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How To Interpret Dreams


interpret dreams

We humans have been doing the dreaming thing for a while, and yet dreams are still as big of a mystery as ever. While we have a general understanding of the sleep cycle, nobody really knows why we dream and what the true purpose of dreaming is. The biggest puzzle of all, however, is knowing what dreams really mean.

They can be heavy stuff – we’ve all woken up from a nightmare or a bad dream and couldn’t get it together for the rest of the day. Same thing with pleasant dreams – we could swear they were real and had a feeling we lost something when we woke. But what was the meaning behind the dreams and nightmares we’ve had, especially the ones we’ve been having constantly?

Well, there are two schools of thought here: one says that dreams have a deeper, universal meaning, while the other says they’re tied to our own psyche. Let’s examine each.

A mystical way to interpret dreams

Those who believe dreams have preternatural or even supernatural properties claim that they can be used to tell a person’s future. These types of interpretations can be a bit varied – some believe that there are general ‘bad’ signs that signal misfortune or even death, like a conspicuous black dog being present in one or more of your dreams (especially if it’s a recurring one).

Another group of people holds the belief that some kind of higher force communicates to us through dreams. Let’s use a historic example: Constantine the First, an emperor in Ancient Rome, supposedly looked up to the sun and saw a cross whose meaning he did not understand. The next time he slept, however, Jesus Christ appeared to him in his dream and explained that bearing the cross will bring him victory against his enemies, coining the well-known prase ‘In hoc signo vinces’ (Latin for ‘In this sign, you will win’). Sure enough, Constantine adopted the sign and went on to have a successful military campaign – powerful stuff, if you’re a believer in forces beyond our own recognition.

The more scientific approach to interpret dreams

A more empirical approach ties dreams directly to various levels of our subconscious. Hence, any dream you have would actually be a repressed feeling or an event you’ve been carrying along. These can go from things that bother you on a daily basis to those that you thought were behind you.

It’s not always a pleasant thought – we’ve all dreamt of some messed up stuff, and most of us would rather not blame ourselves for it. In terms of interpretation, it’s pretty easy to connect one with the other: if you dream of running or being chased, you feel persecuted or as if you have very few allies. If you dream of falling through the air, you’re afraid – on some level – that you’ll lose your handle on life and have things spiral out of control. And on and on…

While both the preternatural and subconscious way of interpreting dreams can seem far-fetched at times, there’s no denying that they’re a complex presence in anyone’s life. One thing is for sure – we should feel blessed if a breakthrough within our lifetime helps humanity understand the whys and hows of dreaming.

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