Yoga and chiropractic

yoga and chiropractic

The benefits of yoga and chiropractic can seem similar, despite them being two separate entities: one is a thousand-year-old system of exercise while the other is a branch of natural medicine. The aim of both is pretty much the same, though – making the ill healthy and making the healthy even more so.

Yoga and chiropractic go remarkably well together, and everyone who dabbles in one should give the other a try. When combined, these two ways of treating your body well will boost your health more than any expensive treatment or fancy pill can.

Why you should try yoga and chiropractic together

When observing yoga practitioners, it can seem as if all they do is stretch. Yoga is a complex mind-and-body experience, but the eyes don’t lie – there is a lot of stretching involved, and flexibility is very important.

While yoga itself will do a lot for your flexibility and health, you will progress in leaps and bounds if you throw some chiropractic in there. A good chiropractor will unstifle your body and better prepare it for the contortionist-esque techniques that yoga is sometimes known for. A first-time yoga practitioner will be able to do a lot more exercises if he or she received multiple chiropractic treatments not too long ago.

Similarly, yoga will relax your muscles and nerves and will make your chiropractor’s job a lot easier. Chiropractic is safe and generally pain-free, although heavier realignment can sometimes cause a momentary discomfort – this will become less of an issue if you practice yoga.

Turning to yoga and chiropractic to fight illness and promote health

Most people start thinking about health-beneficial practices like chiropractic and yoga once they start experiencing symptoms of the modern lifestyle: pain, aches, discomfort, reduced mobility and muscle strength, difficulty concentrating and so on. In reality, healthy individuals should make use of these two ways to boost your health just the same.

Yoga isn’t just meant to give you more strength and make you more mobile – it reduces the chances of you having bone fractures, muscle spasms, pinched nerves and the like. Even more amazingly, it helps prevent a lot of ailments stemming from the 21st century lifestyle, like high blood sugar, heart disease and sleeping difficulties. The same goes for chiropractic, in that you aren’t meant to seek a chiropractor only after your neck gets stuck in a single position or you no longer have a full range of mobility in your joints.

If you’re blessed with good health, that’s great – now it’s your duty to maintain it. Your visits to the chiropractor probably won’t be as frequent as your yoga sessions – after all, some people practice yoga several times a day – but they will do just as much. When healthy, you should use yoga to keep the balance in your body. Once life outside of yoga begins wearing you down, turn to chiropractic, but don’t forget to have scheduled checkups as well. With these tools at your side, chronic health issues will become a distant memory and you’ll finally feel everything is working the way it should.

Thanks to my friend Dan at Pura Vida Chiropractic for information on yoga and chiropractic.

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