Things That Go Bump in the Night

Do you believe in ghosts? Or the supernatural? Aliens, zombies, and lost souls. These are all things that go bump in the night. But what else goes bump in the night? The wind? A squeaky door, or maybe a broken air conditioner? Many of these issues can be fixed with some simple home maintenance repairs—or a quick call to your local AC replacement company. If you’re unsure what’s causing these creepy sounds in the middle of the night, consider some of the following.

If you notice any excessively cold areas in your house, you may have a ghost on the loose. Cool drafts or cold spots could be the result of a restless apparition—but they’re more likely caused by air leaks or inadequate insulation. Ridding your house of these cold drafts will keep you comfortable in the winter—and could significantly lower your heating bills. Now, if you continue to notice these cold spots following renovations to your HVAC system or insulation—you might need supernatural help…

Things That Go Bump in the Night

Another sign of things that go bump in the night can be signaled by animals and children. Animals and small children are closer the spirit world than adults. For example, if you see your cat staring at nothing or your dog barking at the corner, it is easy to wonder if perhaps you are dealing with a ghost. If you suspect one, watch your animals. They will tell you.

Strange noises can always be a potential sign of paranormal activity, including whispers. Many who have had ghosts report strange music or muffled whispers coming from unoccupied areas of their homes. There’s also been cases of appliances or lights coming off and on. Before jumping to conclusions, think about the following: if a storm is passing through, this could be due to a whole-house power surge. It could also be related to a defective switch or loose circuit connection. It’s definitely a ghost if it’s accompanied by switches moving up and down on their own and wailing and moaning noises. In any other scenario, you should probably just call an electrician.

Maybe you have doors opening and closing on their own? Or windows slamming? Sure, it could just be the wind, or it could be something more. Did you know that drier air actually causes wood to shrink? This can cause doors, drawers, and cabinets open on their own.

Of course, smell is another sign of paranormal activity. A whiff of perfume? Or a musty odor? Wet fiberglass hidden behind walls can actually give off that musty odor. On the other hand, dead rodents can produce quick a smell on their own. Don’t complain too much if the smell is pleasant, but if that nasty odor won’t go away, you should seek professionals to investigate.

In the end, it can sometimes be difficult to tell if those things that go bump in the night are actually haunts, or just your home’s old quirks. Before you freak out, call professionals—either the ghostbusters, or an HVAC contractor.

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